Kirk Cameron is a Growing Pain in the butt

May 3, 2007

If you have a particularly strong stomach and bandwidth to spare, have a look at Way Of The Master,
the proud creation of Kirk Cameron (need I say more) and Minister Ray Comfort.

Some of you may remember Ray for his proof of god’s existence known as “the Atheist’s Nightmare“:

(For bonus points, can you count the number of logical fallacies? And I’m not entirely convinced he was talking about fruit either…)

Of special interest is the “Are you a good person test”, that seems specifically designed to convince a non-christian user they have personally broken all 10 of the commandments, and made god very, very angry. Of course you have to believe in god for that to have any power over you, but why introduce logic at this late stage? The whole tone of the website is actually a little scary, but you don’t notice it at first because it’s hidden behind a wall of really stupid arguments.

Feel like your brain is about to explode? Then grab a cool refreshing slice of reality here, with audio of The Infidel Guy Reginald Finley reviewing the test. (Most of his shows require sponsorship, but this should be one of the archived shows he offers for free.) If there were more people like Reg around, I’d be a whole lot less worried about the influence of the Kirk Camerons and Ray Comforts of this world.

Way of the Master? Way of the doofus more like.


4 Responses to “Kirk Cameron is a Growing Pain in the butt”

  1. Hmm, I really bombed on the good person test. I think I’m only one for ten there—of course I’m not an idolator, because I am an atheist. I suspect I fell victim to a few fairly broad definitions, though. I am sure once or twice I’ve momentarily hated my brother, so apparently I’ve killed him. On the upside, I quite fancy Scarlett Johansson, so apparently we’re adulterers. I am sure she’ll be pleased.

  2. Dave Says:

    No no no. You are an adulterer, she was unaware of your transgression. She can’t help it if she’s painfully hot and –
    Now I’m an adulterer. Stupid hottie.

  3. […] Master (the scary ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron) with a parody of their ass backwards Atheist’s Nightmare argument, where he and Soccergirl argue for the sexual utility of the male and female forms as proof of god. […]

  4. Len Says:

    They are an insult to all thinkig religious folks

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