If it’s not parody, then it should be

September 4, 2007

Some light relief:

From the Age Letters (5/9):

Good Friday is for reflection, not footy

YOU report AFL executive Gillon McLachlan saying he has been encouraged by relatively moderate opposition to reports that the AFL was considering a Good Friday twilight clash next year (The Age, 4/9). May I say this comment is rather surprising. All those who have spoken to me subsequently have supported our clear opposition to football on Good Friday. Good Friday is obviously a sacred day for Christians. We remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. Our tradition has been for hundreds of years to keep this day quiet for worship and reflection. Can I suggest the AFL convene a meeting with church leaders to discuss this matter face to face prior to any changes.

Reverend Philip Huggins, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry when I see logic like this. Can atheist footballers still play? Can atheist supporters still watch? Or is the whole event just too disrespectful?

What about other industries? Should emergency services administrators meet with “church leaders” to make sure that their lifesaving activities do not conflict with the Christian traditions of the day? Doctors? Police?

Does the Reverend Phillip Huggins realise how stupid he sounds?

So many questions. So little sense.



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