Stupid Atheists! #1 – Atheism is just another religion

September 23, 2007

Welcome to part one of Stupid Atheists! (or A Completely Impartial and Objective Look at the Bogus Things Stupid People Say About Atheism).

And tonight our first contestant is:

“Hey man! Atheism is just another religion! Believing there is no god is just as reliant on faith as believing that there is one! Stupid Atheist!”

Well, the first problem with this proposition is that it’s a strawman, because atheism is not belief in the non-existence of god. Atheism would be more clearly defined as the lack of belief in god. One is an assertion of belief, the other is and assertion of no belief. That might sound like a fine distinction (and that perception is not helped by people saying one when they mean the other) so I’ll try and clarify with an example.

Okay, so if I say “Wah! Wah! I don’t believe the Easter Bunny exists!” then in order to have moved from the default state of “no belief” to “some quantity of belief greater than zero”, the non-existence of the Easter Bunny must be:

  1. Justified by proof, or
  2. Supported by a scientific theory*,or
  3. Taken on faith

Well, you can’t prove a negative, so in lieu of a well tested supporting theory this “belief” would have to be largely based on faith.

Alternatively, I might say “You stupid Bunny-ists. I have no belief in your magic floppy eared dispenser of chocolate fertility symbols”. Having no belief is the default state, so lacking compelling evidence** of the Easter Bunny’s existence, maintenance of that lack of belief is a completely reasonable position. See the difference? One statement requires evidence or faith, the other is the default position and can only be made less reliable by contrary evidence.

Even if atheism was based on faith, it would be somewhat disingenuous to suggest that belief in god was in any way equivalent to belief in no god, because the world we observe is entirely what we would expect if there was no god. The burden of proof lies heavily on the god peddler.

“But there are things you can’t explain Stupid Atheist! If Almighty God didn’t do it, then what did?!”

Sigh. This is usually referred to as the god of the gaps argument, and is a false dichotomy logical fallacy. However, for the sake of this example we will temporarily suspend reality and pretend that the argument has some small merit. Now, when we look back through history we see a constant progression of things that science could not explain at the time, for which we later found completely natural explanations.

Bearing this weight of precedent in mind, if faced with gaps in human knowledge is it more reasonable to postulate that:

  1. There are perfectly natural processes that explain the gap – we just don’t understand them yet? Or
  2. There is an omni-present, omni-potent and omni-benevolent sky fairy managing things.

Hmm. Occam’s Razor anyone? I mean hello.

So to sum up – atheists do not have a belief in the non-existence of god and even if they did, the burden of proof leans the other way. Non-existence is supported by the observable universe, while the existence of magical super-being is an extraordinary claim and as such requires equally extraordinary evidence to justify it.

Atheism is about what we can see when dogma and faith are taken out of the equation.

Atheism is not a religion.

* By scientific theory, I am referring to an explanatory model that is falsifiable and makes accurate testable predictions. “I have a theory, it could be bunnies” is not a scientific theory.
** When I say convincing evidence, I mean evidence that is scientifically or logically compelling. Anecdotal evidence isn’t.


29 Responses to “Stupid Atheists! #1 – Atheism is just another religion

  1. mytopia Says:

    Excellent articulation, Dave. Thanks for the post. I am adding you to my blogroll.

    • John Anderson Says:

      For all that you said you just in fact proved why Christians consider atheists to be stupid. You also failed to prove Atheism isn’t a region. All you did was use straw man arguments to desperately try and prove your point along with typical atheist rhetoric to justify it.

      According to Religious Studies there is no definition for religion that satisfies everyone. All you did was argue that you don’t believe in a God and therefore Atheism isn’t a religion. Well if believing in God is the definition of religion you just declared that Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Raelism, Scientology, Animism, Totemism, not to mention countless cults such as Lavayan Satanism aren’t religions. None of the above are required or even encouraged to believe in God in the Abrahamic traditional sense. Suppose you decided that religion was belief in the supernatural well then you still knocked off Scientology, Raelism, Lavayan Satanism and many other cults from your list of religions. The best definition I’ve come across for religion is that it is the Strongest adherence to a philosophy. With that definition Atheism is certainly a religion as well as all the above that I’ve mentioned.

      Next you went on to create the typical straw man arguments atheists use where you mentioned the Easter Bunny, fairies etc. Most religions do not believe in these things which is why they are straw man arguments. Most Theistic religions argue the necessity for their being a God not to fill in the gaps as you mentioned which is atheist rhetoric. A Christian argues the necessity for their being a God since reality needs a designer in order for it to exist. Easter Bunnies, fairies, spaghetti monsters are not applicable to this claim. Now I can argue Saint Thomas Aquinas’ s proofs for the existence of God not to mention several more but that would be misdirection something you atheists tend to do every time you get cornered. The topic of discussion you posed is that atheism isn’t a religion because it is the absence of believing in God. I showed countless religions which share that view point which means your statement is null. People who refer to themselves as atheists generally are materialists and reductionists. They believe that the universe is composed of only matter, energy, and only physical things. In addition they believe that you can reduce a complex object to its smallest form in order to understand its true nature i.e. quarks, photons, etc. This is a metaphysical claim since you can never prove that any of these statements are actually true. In addition you have to believe that the millions of people who have had spiritual experiences were either liars or lunatics. You also have to believe that every claim of a miraculous event taking place was a collective lie in which many people participated deliberately in order to fool other people. In other words you dismiss any and all evidence contrary to your opinion as being fabricated. Atheism is based on belief and opinion not fact, that being said there is no logical reason that a Christian should regard you any differently than any other religion.

      After reading some of the comments below I’m convinced that not only are the atheists in this forum completely ignorant of religion they also know little to nothing about science as well. There is no such thing as fact in science only theories which certainly are not facts and never should be confused with facts. One person mentioned evolution as being a fact, which one do you believe in since even atheists in the biological community disagree on some very important issues. Did you know Darwin did not discover evolution, it has existed for 300 years and has changed so dramatically that nobody today would even be able to recognize the evolution of 100 years ago. Somebody also mentioned Isaac Newton and gravity did you know that Albert Einstein proved he was wrong about gravity. Did you know that both Isaac Newton and Einstein believed that God exists. Someone else mentioned Christopher Columbus discovering the earth was round. Are you serious???????
      Look up Eratosthenes who lived more than 200 years before Christ. This kind of ignorance should be criminal.

  2. phdscorpio123 Says:

    This is for sure: In Christopher Columbus’ time, people believed the world was “flat”, but now we now as a FAULTS BELIEF. Same as in all these theories. In all these THEORIES about life and anything relating to any subject that could be applied to life and or life forms, there is one question that no one can answer: WHERE DID IT ALL START? No where in our facts and or knowledge of things that we know, can something just be there without some outside force acting upon something to get something. In all the people through out history of “great” thinkers or “doers” of any time or people, there has never been any “proven facts” to prove that there is no intelligent life force that didn’t bring all life on this planet about. In any time in history, about 80% to 90% of any given people has believed in some form of higher being. But, that doesn’t prove there is one. That just proves there are people that believe in something, WHICH IS JUST A BELIEF. But, if there isn’t any being higher than us, then again, where did it all start from? Nothing or no-one in our FACTS AND KNOWLEDGE has proven that something can just be there without some form of something doing something first to get something. Even with the theory of evolution, humans are the only spices on this planet that has no natural defiance’s; i.e. fangs, claus, etc. We can’t jump, run, climb, etc to escape something faster and or stronger than us. But, if the theory of evolution and the big bang are correct, then we still have that one question to answer as people that even want to try to talk on the same level: Where did it all start from? So, with no ill-will towards any beliefs and or systems of beliefs, can any answer that question? Can any prove with facts what started it all? I know what science says about such theories, but, that’s what they are, theories, beliefs. A theory is something that is not proven. A belief is something in the mind. A fact is something that is PROVEN. It is not the FACT OF EVOLUTION or the BIG BANG FACT: they are THEORIES! But, if any can’t answer such a question with FACTS, then we are back to beliefs, just like any one else that just has a belief in something that they can’t prove. For Facts are the things that can be taught, theories are something to think upon. Like AIR; is it real? I can feel it, I can see what it does to things, but, I can’t see it. So, I can come up with the THEORY that the air blowing around is the “ghosts” of people that have died: prove me wrong. Gravity; can we REALLY prove it’s there? Yes, we stay on the earth, but, to prove it would be a fact. Again, I could say my theory of why we stay on earth is because of invisible life forms holding everything down: prove me wrong again. So, do I really know the earth goes around the sun? I have never SEEN the earth go around the sun; I only have “science” to say it does, which means, if I believe it, I have faith in them. I could say that these beings that I can’t see makes the sun go around the earth. Again, If I didn’t see something being built, CAN I REALLY SAY IT WAS BUILT BY HUMAN HANDS? If I believe it was, but didn’t see it, I have faith that someone or something did built it. For to talk about anything, we must have the FACTS about it. If we just take someone’s words about it, then we have faith. But, to really KNOW about it, we must see it built, painted, grown, born, spoken, lived, walked, etc. to really say that we have ALL THE FACTS about it. For facts and logic together will over power just about ANYTHING that any one person or group can come up with. But to live by theories/beliefs are based upon faith, which is a religious based system and therefore, should not be taught unless the one that teaches theories is going to be responsible of the thoughts and or actions of the one being taught.
    In the school system of theories that are being taught as of present day, the people that are being taught should be informed of any and all theories that may apply to any and all subjects that apply to anything relating to that subject. For if that one that teaches any child about theories, and if those theories are differently based than the knowledge of what the parental role is teaching the child, then that is undermining the parental teaching which is, in a way, mind control, which is therefore causing conflict with in the mind of any and all being taught. To have a child be taught there is a higher being by a parent, but then taught by some other non-family person that there is no such thing, is causing the child to go two different ways in thinking, and therefore, FORCING the child to chose the parental beliefs or the non parental beliefs. School is about FACTS and THEORIES, but both of them should be kept apart and TAUGHT as what they are. For to teach theories as facts is causing the one being taught to accept a belief as a fact. So, to all those who think that there isn’t any higher being than us, i.e. God, prove me wrong by FACTS, not theories from beliefs and thoughts. Now, if there isn’t any higher being than us, then that would mean that we are our own “gods” and therefore, morals are only what we want them to be, and therefore, killing, raping, stealing, and all other actions would be okay in any one person’s mind. But, since no one has proven that there isn’t such a higher being, then I would say that the “THEORY OF EVOLUTION” and the “BIG BANG THEORY” are beliefs and therefore a religious system and since people don’t want religion in the schools, should keep such theories of teachings out!!! Thank you. Please tell all those theory based people that say there is no God that they better prove that there is no God!!!
    And another thing, if the bible is not something that was inspired by God, through the Holy Spirit, for the lives of People that believe in Jesus The Christ, then why, pray tell, does it have so many people that claim that it is from God? Why do so many people believe in this Jesus if He was just a man in history or not even real? Why don’t people “follow” the first president instead, just like many people do with the founder of what ever they are living by? Could this be a massive delusional thing going on here, or is there something real that is happening to people? Many people have followed many different people through out history, but in most cases, that “savior” was right there. But to follow a person that was doing things over two thousand years ago, it doesn’t make since, unless there is something going on. For me, I believe the Bible, and I’ll tell you why: First of all, it’s the only book that can prove its Self. Second, if it wasn’t from God The Father, then I would think that it wouldn’t be on so many T.V.’s through out the world. (Because the religion of Mohamed doesn’t have what the bible people have, which is love for there fellow man; Mohamed says convert or die. Prove me wrong.) Even if one didn’t believe in the bible, one can still gain wisdom by it’s words. Even Hitler used the bible to take over places, from what I have heard. So, for me, I know that Jesus the Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, the Savior of all that believe in Him. Thank you.

    • Alansgirl1 Says:

      Most of your points dont make sense, the Law of gravity was always proven as a fact by Isaac Newton, and as for the air your using a stupid explanation for it, one you know is stupid, to prove that your omnipotent god exist, thats not really helping your argument. And as for the buildings, and us not bieng able to “Prove” human hands build it, what do you want, us to get everyong involved in the building to go up to you state their names and tell you all about it? At least if we had to do that we could, it would take time and a lot of tracking down but we could, bring your God to me and have him tell me all about how he made the universe and everything in it, as we both know you cant do that, because there is no god.

      • JB Says:

        There is no “Law of Gravity”. Gravity is a theory and shall remain such. Saying someting is a theory, in the science wold, means it’s a fact.

  3. […] is just a faith like any other religion”, to which I received what I can only describe as a comment of unusual size – 1353 words (that’s more than twice as many as the original […]

  4. Bryan Says:

    That evolution happened is a fact, not a theory. When scientists describe evolution as a theory, they mean that the details of that theory are still being hammered out and agreed upon.

    Also, there is a difference between teaching evolution in schools and teaching children in schools that God does not exist. Evolution says nothing on the existence/non-existence of God, and I would be immensely against teaching children in school that God does not exist. Just as I am opposed to teaching children in school that God does exist.

    Also, when you say that the people that say there is no God had better prove there is no God, you are missing the point of his post which was the difference between a lack of belief in God and a belief that there is no God.

    I don’t know why so many people believe in the bible. I think it is partially because it has a message that most people like to believe in (eternal life), combined with pressure from a highly evangelical religion to convert, combined with the threat of hell making believers scared to leave the faith. However, from what I know of human nature it is far from uncommon for large numbers of people to believe in something that isn’t true.

  5. BenBenson Says:

    You just committed argumentum ad logicam. Just because your opponent has used a god of the gaps fallacy does not mean that you are not just as guilty of the same. Naturalism is ultimately (not just tentatively) limited in its ability to explain via reason, since reason is ultimately limited itself. You cannot therefore, say that reason will ultimately triumph over an unknown, simply because you don’t KNOW if that unknown is actually capable of BEING known. See Kurt Godel’s incompleteness theorem, and Chaos Theory.

  6. BenBenson Says:

    Also, in the future, you might find it helpful to know the proper terms for your belief system (ultimately based on faith, whether you realize it or not, but thats for another post). Strong Atheism (also known as Anti-theism) is the firm belief that God does not exist. Weak Atheism (also known as Soft Atheism if you don’t like the connotation that weak brings) is simple the lack in belief in God.

    Of course, many people’s claim of “lacking a belief in God” often becomes moot, since they often bestow pseudo-religious faith and fervor in “non-theistic” ideologies(Global Warming for example).
    This really muddies the distinction of “God” as such people would be creating their own Gods.

  7. jokahC Says:

    I shouldn’t have to say this, but when people attack the “theory” of evolution they are just displaying their ignorance about scientific terminology. I won’t even bother to explain it.

    Second, “God” is on all the TVs because the people who live in nations where most broadcasts occur report themselves to polls as Christians. Duh, did you never take a business class on marketshares? I guess Al-Jazeera should broadcast only in English too, wait, they do, for the marketshares. But the majority of their audience speaks Arabic or Farsi, so thats what the primary broadcast is in.

    Second, the Bible never proves itself. No inanimate object proves itself. How can you claim the Bible proves itself? If it proves itself, then why did so many people point to the book of Philemon for hundreds of years to justify slavery?

    History fact: Christians point to the British abolition of slavery as an indication that slavery was abolished by Christians. Of course they are just playing on the ignorance of most people. The first nation to abolish slavery was Revolutionary France, which abolished religion as well. People blame atheism for the Reign of Terror (ignoring the Inquisition and the Crusades)… this was promoted by Maximillien Robespierre during his tenure in the Committee of Public Safety and played on the mob mentality of the sans-culottes. Also, Robespierre was executed in front of cheering throngs who he had manipulated, and shortly after the Reign of Terror ended. Anyone familiar with social psychology knows people have about an 85-90% tendency to conform to public perception, this is why the Nazis got away with the Holocaust. If everyone who was a Nazi was so cocksure the Final Solution was definitive, then why did everyone deny being a Nazi under occupation and at Nuremberg everyone claimed to be “following orders”?

    Why do children who are raised by atheists believe in atheism even when immersed in a Christian culture? Why are most atheists former Christians? A child is in a developmental state and really can’t regard something as a personal truth or conviction for a prolonged time.

    Christianity “works” because it is a social function, like any religion, and has reinforcement. Virtually every such social function is determined by environment, how many Americans choose to live a nomadic life? Very very few.

    You cannot prove or disprove a religion because it is an expression of consciousness. Thats like disproving a language. They are merely expressions of how people percieve the world. However, it is wrong to enforce your views on everyone else, and fortunately at least the United States Constitution prevents people from being forced by the government to adopt any particular religion.

    However, the other side of the coin is that being a democracy people tend to side with the majority, and we end up back at the conformist view. Most Southerners fighting for the Confederacy did not own slaves and despised the large plantation owners, but they were willing to join those in a cultural “differentiation” in all but a few cases. People separate things into subsets to make them categorically manageable, and this includes other cultural systems. Its just the way our brain works. You can’t be a Spinozan monist, not truly, sensual perception is dependent on differentiation that will disrupt equilibrium. Its evolution (oh no, thats just a theory- like that pesky gravity theory).

    God is simply a leap of faith, always was and always will be. People can choose to take it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should have to.

  8. jokahC Says:


    Why don’t people label themselves as fundamentalists and moderate Christians? Usually, not necessarily always, but usually that is an external application. The “Positive/Weak” atheist argument is not really valid since most people not familiar with philosophical jargon woudln’t have a clue.

    Them damn atheists is all wretched scum!!!!

    Christianity is indefensible using straight up logic. Have you been asleep the last two hundred years? Kierkegaard tossed that one out, and he was about as devout a Christian as you can get. Much better than the Pharisees walking around everywhere yelling at everyone.

    Why do you guys have Christians who believe homosexuality is “wrong,” some who think it is right? Why have all my science professors, self-titled Christians, believed and taught the “theory” (snicker) of evolution and then demonstrated with their own PERSONAL research why it is true? My anthropology instructor is a devout Methodist, and yet demonstrated how his work with dating techniques (he uses seven distinct ones, since a lot of his artifacts were heated in a fire and could no longer be tested using electron tracing) confirms things have been around a little (oh, say to the 12 power) longer than 6000 years?

    I mean its not like you guys can even come to a concensus. Some Christians have decided to join the twentieth century (any ready for our current millennium and ready to shut up and allow people to be free?), a few of you are stuck at the second. And damn proud of it I notice.

    To phdscorpio123:

    Are you even out of high school yet? I mean you are making some really childish arguments that were debunked by the literary figure of Socrates in Platonic works.

    Yes, most people question Socrates as an actual person, doesn’t mean the philosophy is invalid. It just is not dogmatic.

    Look, Christianity is dependent on the Hebrew notion of ex nihilo creation. This was a notion found solely in ancient Judaea when most religions were starting. I got a BIG word for you pal: panegyricism. As well as Hellenic chaotic theory, and the dozens of others. But what you guys believe is that it all came from nothing. Of course its not “nothing” because its “God” who made it all, and God is infinite and extra-temporal and basically every kind of trap door that would make a mathematician scream.

    Fine, you need a magic man in the sky to start everything and give you all the rules to live by so grandma will love you and the average schmuck in your hometown likes you, go ahead. It cannot be proven or disproven by science, science is not in the God business. Dawkins is an idiot for making that claim, don’t listen to him. As far as that goes anyway.

    Evolution just deals with the development of life on earth, not as that felon Hovind applies it to astronomy, chemistry, etc. Only organic chemicals are involved in evolution, stars and other stuff operate according to different principles. I don’t really care for the Big Bang Theory, because it just is a betrayal of the ex nihilo tradition David’s two tribes stuck us with, and brings us back to nowhere. You want to stick God in the equation, fine, just hope that isn’t what the doctor writes on your care plan chart. It proves nothing, it solves nothing, it just makes you feel better about yourself because everyone in your Christian community will love you for it.

    Go to Afghanistan and jump up and down screaming “I’m a CHRISTIAN!!!!” Capital punishment, anyone?

    Oh, and by the way, I like it here, I’m not going anywhere. Constitution is on my side dude, “Freedom of religion,” as well as speech, assembly, petition, and the press, at least when I was still in school back in the days when everyone was like “Osama-who?” Or at least they still taught it back then. I know most Americans can’t name a single one, but then one in four can’t find their own country on a map. But they sure know God is real, yeah, it MUST be right, be a complete oblivious blind sheep but understand the mysteries of the cosmos.

    I don’t know the ultimate answer or claim to know. I just don’t care, if I want to go to hell then that’s none of your business. Because I don’t think we’re going anywhere dude. You worried about not making it to Valhalla? Thats about how much I care about your gimmicks of smoke and mirrors, about as much logic and scientific evidence for that too actually.

  9. jdc Says:

    “Non-existence is supported by the observable universe, while the existence of magical super-being is an extraordinary claim and as such requires equally extraordinary evidence to justify it.”

    Absolutely! Nice post Dave.

  10. Selina Boyer Says:

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  11. I don't believe in you thank you very much Says:

    “Non-existence is supported by the observable universe, while the existence of magical super-being is an extraordinary claim and as such requires equally extraordinary evidence to justify it.”

    Saying that non-existence is supported by the observable universe IS an extraordinary claim. How does the observable universe supports the non-existence?

    Next thing you’ll be saying how the universe created itself out of nothing!

  12. I don't believe in you thank you very much Says:

    What if there had never been a belief in God. What if no one had ever come up with the idea of God?

    Would there be such a thing as atheism? How could you lack the belief of something no one had ever believed in?

    Atheists should thank God for their existence 8D

  13. Greg Says:

    You silly bastards, if “god” never existed then no person, regardless of the many other “true Faith” religions have lived and died in our millions of years of our existence, would believe in “god;” therefore, every person would be right. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We have you people B.S.’ing what an atheist says/believes. Ha, ha, ha. Paganism died hard too, so don’t feel ashamed.

  14. penisfaggotboy Says:

    Religion is stupid.

    Religion has been called “the opiate of the masses,” and despite the fact that the quote comes from Karl Marx who was wrong about everything else, he got this one right.

    You see, when monkeys developed sufficiently large enough braincases, they suddenly were able to grasp the concept that they would one day die. This was not something that the monkeys were very keen on, and so they immediately set about imagining scenarios in which this evident truth would be anything but. Religion is, therefore, a way for monkeys to deal with the pain of knowing that they will die, much like other monkeys use drugs and alcohol to accomplish the same task.

  15. sidbachtiar Says:

    Hey all

    Columbus did not prove the earth was round. Christians in Columbus time and well before Columbus was born already knew the world was round.

    This is a terrible urban myth that many schools still teach to this modern day (along with other myths like evolution … aha! … flame flame)

    From Wikipedia about ‘Flat Earth’:

    “The false belief that medieval Christianity believed in a flat earth has been referred to as The Myth of the Flat Earth.[1] In 1945, it was listed by the Historical Association (of Britain) as the second of 20 in a pamphlet on common errors in history.”

    Whoa? We knew it was a myth since 1945?

    The debate was actually about how big the earth was. And Columbus was actually wrong and was lucky to have found America.

    And before you trash talk Christianity, may be you should at least read some literatures? Why rant about topics that have been covered by brilliant scholars for centuries? Now that sounds stupid to me!

    Check out great blog that covers a lot of Christianity philosophy, literatures, etc … not my blog by the way … but great blog if you really want to know the other side of the argument

  16. Mr Data Says:

    Hi Stupid Atheists! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *Thumbs down*

  17. Hi. I stumbled across your site while I was looking for something completely unrelated. While I do not agree with everything you posted we do have almost the same viewpoints by and large. I’ve bookmarked your blog and may visit again in the near future to see what you are writing about in 2010!

  18. Lance B Says:

    Well, we can hope. It might not happen, but that would be a great choice for president.


    Religion is the last refuge of the stupid and unevolved.
    I cant wait until some extraterrestrials land here and tell you that you have all got it so wrong and you have created hundreds of stupid religions based on ignorant people with no knowledge of anything outside their narrow human vista…

  20. Luke Says:

    why are all you atheists wasting time writing these comments when you could be committing suicide? Your meaningless lives could be over soon

  21. JMK Says:

    I’m sorry to say, but as a 48-y-o atheist, who knows Herbert Marcuse is important and Richard Dawkins is an assh0le, I must say that all new-atheists are incredibly ignorant and stupid. I laugh at their posts on Yahoo! Answers all the time 😀

  22. religion researcher Says:

    well after all is said and done you would be correct in one thing non belief is not a religion. However let’s stipulate on the universe being infinite. Then let’s add the creation theory of two separate universes colliding. In all this there could in fact be a godlike being. Not a “God” coz well lets face it religions are all watered down versions of the Sumerian beliefs. Also so everyone is clear i’ll play all cards. The godlike being I refer to could be a pure energy being that has no solid mass due to the complete evolution of it’s species and it’s only part is it’s consciousness. I’ve had that theory for years. I am open to a back and forth on the subject. Thank you for taking time to read this and also. In the immortal words of some mother out there. Take that out of your mouth you don’t know where it’s been

  23. trollface.jpeg Says:

    Athiesm is not a religion, they do not practice anything, and they don’t believe anything, it is solely based off of science

    Athiests : 1
    Christians : 0

  24. Michella Says:

    Sometimes i too thinks about such things. if there is god then where is the proof? how can he be there with all the people all the time? one more thing if its god that who gaves happiness and sadness to everyone why he is giving sadness to everyone and not at all any happiness to anyone?

  25. john st laurent Says:

    Just a quick post to explain why atheissm is actually stupid, and requires as much faith, if not much more, to be an atheist.

    All atheists posit what’s called a universal negative. A universal negative requires absolute knowledge (omniscience) whereas a universal positive may not require that.

    For instance, let’s say I am in a building with 4 rooms, and I have only been in 1 room. In order to say that every room is empty, I would have to have knowledge of all 4 rooms. I would need to know the entirety of what I am claiming to know.

    However, to state the opposite, that the building is not empty, I would at the very least only need to know about one room.

    So, in essence, any time an atheist claims that there is absolutely no God, they are claiming absolute and full knowledge of the universe (omniscience). If they are not claiming absolute knowledge, than they are going off of faith, but in fact, since they could never EVER know for sure that universal negative, then they are requiring much more faith than a person who claims there is a God (because finding out if there is a God may not require absolute knowledge).

    But hey, I don’t need to say it, it was written quite a long time ago “the fool says in his heart ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1)

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