Comments Of Unusual Size

September 24, 2007

Since joining the Out Campaign blogroll , I’ve seen a spike in my readership (well, it couldn’t really have gone down, I’m not sure you can get negative blog stats…) and I’ve been enormously gratified to have begun getting substantiative comments on my posts. Yesterday I put up the first article in a series designed to refute common misconceptions about atheism, in this case specifically looking at the assertion that “atheism is just a faith like any other religion”, to which I received what I can only describe as a comment of unusual size – 1353 words (that’s more than twice as many as the original post).

You’d think that someone who went to the trouble of writing so much would have something really interesting to say.

You’d be wrong.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that got my lunatic detector ticking. The intermittent over capitalization? The spelling mistakes and over exclamation? The tangled skein of logical fallacies threaded through the content? Or maybe it was the fact that all 1353 words were in a single paragraph?

Anyhoo, the basic premise appears to be a logically confused appeal to ignorance:

Nothing or no-one in our FACTS AND KNOWLEDGE has proven that something can just be there without some form of something doing something first to get something.

(Although full credit for using the word something 4 times in a sentence.) This was followed by standard mis-characterizations of scientific terms like fact and theory:

A theory is something that is not proven. A belief is something in the mind. A fact is something that is PROVEN. It is not the FACT OF EVOLUTION or the BIG BANG FACT: they are THEORIES! But, if any can’t answer such a question with FACTS, then we are back to beliefs

And the whole argument was capped with a profound (and I can only assume willful) misunderstanding of just where the burden of proof lies in these issues:

Please tell all those theory based people that say there is no God that they better prove that there is no God!!!

And finally Godwin’s Law:

Even Hitler used the bible to take over places, from what I have heard

All in a single post. I’m so proud, my first troll and it’s not just text book, it’s all of the text books.


3 Responses to “Comments Of Unusual Size”

  1. Widgetas Says:

    The distressing thing about that comment is that I have so so many answers to all of his “points” but will never get to slap him verbally with my replies, as he’s more than likely disappeared into the ether for all time 😦

  2. Dave Says:

    The distressing thing about that comment is that I have so so many answers to all of his “points”

    Oh I know. I was going to address it point by point but the logic was so cretinous that it was too hard to maintain a coherent narrative.

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