My god heartily endorses this event or product!

October 23, 2007

In further news regarding yesterday’s prayer-fest:

A FRINGE Christian pastor known for comments attacking Muslims has led a prayer session in Parliament House — and given Prime Minister John Howard a strong endorsement.

Of course he did. Howard and Costello have certainly supported him in the past.

“We need to support the party that will give us the best Judeo-Christian values … in this election we really throw our weight behind the Coalition,” he told The Age.

Just what are Judeo-Christian values anyway? Wikipedia says that Judeo-Christian is a “term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity”. Hmm, what’s that then? The old testament? The ten commandments? I shudder to think.

Yesterday he expressed doubts about Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd’s religious beliefs, pointing to Mr Rudd not confirming Jesus as the Son of God when asked on SBS in September.

There are so many serious issues to address in this country: global warming, the economy, education, the public health system, indigenous affairs, global terrorism, Militant Chinese Fighting chickens or whatever, and this guy’s major criteria for political endorsement is the flavor of invisible sky-fairy a candidate believes in.

Both candidates have beliefs that I would personally consider irrational (and in some cases repressive and pernicious), but if they keep their faith and their politics separate then I couldn’t care less. In a purportedly secular country like Australia, it’s a real shame that a Prime Ministerial candidate can’t (and won’t) leave their religious beliefs, or lack thereof, out of the equation.


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