#1 on Google meme

October 25, 2007

At the suggestion of the Worlds Fair, I’m hopping on the meme train:

I’d like to suggest a meme, where the premise is that you will attempt to find 5 statements, which if you were to type into google (preferably google.com, but we’ll take the other country specific ones if need be), you’ll find that you are returned with your blog as the number one hit.

PZ is doing it so it must be cool. Here’s my attempt:

  1. Stupid Reality (No great surprise there)
  2. Stupid Kirk Cameron Pain (Hehe)
  3. My Brain Exploding (This seems to happen a lot)
  4. Stupid Atheism is just a Religion (It’s not)
  5. Atheist Kung Fu (Cool)

It occurs to me that putting the word stupid in the title of my blog was a good idea.

It also occurs to me that by using rhetorical devices in my arguments, I might inadvertently be getting a lot of hits from just the kind people I’m complaining about.

Hehe. Excellent.


5 Responses to “#1 on Google meme”

  1. These work: “stupid reality is a christian blog”, “stupid reality loves jesus”.

  2. Dave Says:

    Hehe. How about:

    “Stupid Reality Believes in Biblical Literalism”,
    “Stupid Reality Contributes to Global Warming”,
    “Stupid Reality has Broken the Internet”,
    and my personal favorite:
    “Stupid Reality is Pope of the Catholic Church”

    This is fun.

  3. bj Says:

    I found your great blog because you posted your top five over at Pharyngula. Self-promotion works wonders on the ‘net.

  4. […] 28, 2007 Not too long ago I took part in the #1 on Google meme where I had to find terms that returned this blog as the first result on a Google search. After […]

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