More video from AAI 07

November 9, 2007

Home sick today – stupid Viral Pharyngitis. On the up side, the Richard Dawkins Foundation has put up more video from the Atheist Alliance International 2007 Conference. As well as the Dawkins footage I posted about the other day, there are now clips with Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Andy Thomson, Matthew Chapman, Eugenie Scott and Ed Tabash.

Share and enjoy.


One Response to “More video from AAI 07”

  1. CarrieP Says:

    Rest up and feel better. You know, I did update *my* blogs this morning, if you’re looking for something to do…

    Thanks for the links. Though I’m not an athiest, I agree with a lot of where they’re coming from and very much appreciate the message they are trying to get across.

    And the scarlet “A” is the coolest logo ever. Simply brilliant.

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