The Way of Yahweh

November 27, 2007

George Hrab has crossed swords with The Way Of the Master (the scary ministry of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron) with a parody of their ass backwards Atheist’s Nightmare argument, where he and Soccergirl argue for the sexual utility of the male and female forms as proof of god. Brilliant.

The parody can be found on episode #41 of the Geologic Podcast (around the 11 minute mark) and on episode #246 of Soccergirl, Incorporated (around 20:45).

Fair warning though, it’s very NSFW.


One Response to “The Way of Yahweh”

  1. CarrieP Says:

    I’m so glad for my earphones.

    This is very, very, very funny. And I even learned something–I mean, other than how taking a logical premise to its ridiculous extreme shows the inherent flaw in the argument.

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