Negative search hits

November 28, 2007

Not too long ago I took part in the #1 on Google meme where I had to find terms that returned this blog as the first result on a Google search. After trying a few out, I noticed a tendency to get hits from negative searches (or rather searches referring to the exact opposite opinions expressed in this blog).

I had a flick through my WordPress blog stats and discovered that quite a few people were in fact finding the blog under what I can only assume to be false pretenses. Searches included:

disadvantages of gay couples adopting children
why are atheists stupid
things to say to stupid atheists
darwins stupid theory
stupid gay people
non existence of atheism
refute rational response squad
the church should not be separated from government

There were also a lot of hits on:

atheism is stupid

While I find the idea of being connected to these people a little creepy, I take some small comfort from the fact that that they had to read some my blog before realizing that they were really, really in the wrong place.


And then there were some searches that were just strange:

can i take blender in hand luggage

Right. Takes all kinds I guess.


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