Scientistically anectdotal evidenciary proof we don’t suck! Much.

December 4, 2007

Stupid Reality has just had a record month of views, with 1185 for November. Only small fry to be sure, but three months ago we were averaging less than a tenth of that, so a significant improvement.

I’d just like to thank everyone who visited and read the blog, and especially the people who have taken the time to leave comments (even the insane ones). I’d also like to thank all the people who found this blog completely by accident (and in particular the ones who appear to have been looking for the opposite kind of content) for unintentionally bumping up my stats [insert evil grin].


3 Responses to “Scientistically anectdotal evidenciary proof we don’t suck! Much.”

  1. CarrieP Says:

    1. Your content and site design are both great, which is what keeps people coming back to your site.

    2. You give us much lower-tiered bloggers hope that someday we, too, will break 1,000 page views per month.

    Congrats, Dave!

  2. You sure don’t suck. However…

    Your content and site design are both great

    Content 1, Look 1, Feel 0. More specifically, your site, or its forms at least, seriously misbehave in NetNewsWire under Mac OS X (10.5). The main symptom is, I kid you not, I can’t enter a space in the comment text field. All space does is to scroll the whole window to the top. Extremely weird, especially since it’s fine on Safari, and NetNewsWire just uses the same WebKit code. (It certainly could be NetNewsWire’s bug, though Stupid Reality is the only place I’ve ever seen it.) So, uh, fix it now. Or something.

  3. Err, cancel that. It’s evidently a bug in NetNewsWire, as I’ve just come across it with another site. (Not that I thought it would be strictly a bug in “your site”, but perhaps you had some wacky CSS going on or something…) Anyhoo, I’ll just be over here reporting that bug…

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