Gee mum, I wanna go home

December 5, 2007

Gillian Gibbons is safely back in Britain:

A British teacher jailed in Sudan because her students named a teddy bear Mohammed has spoken of how her taste for adventure snowballed into a terrifying ordeal.

Gillian Gibbons enjoyed an emotional reunion with her family at London’s Heathrow airport on Tuesday after being released from a Sudanese jail where she spent eight days for insulting Islam.

I’ve been pretty sympathetic to the plight of Gillian Gibbons over the last week, but I’m incredibly disturbed by her response to the incident:

Beaming before a large media pack and with her teary son John at her side, the 54-year-old teacher expressed her sorrow for having offended the Sudanese.

Sorrow? Maybe she should be sorry that the Sudanese who were offended by her naming of the teddy bear are completely bonkers maybe, but she shouldn’t have to feel bad about her actions.

Ms Gibbons said while she was glad to be back on home soil, she would miss colleagues and pupils from the Unity school.

“The support I have received there from them is legendary and I am going to miss my class and my colleagues enormously,” she said.

The school has stated that they considered the naming of the teddy bear to be an innocent mistake, but still a mistake on her part. Insane, but assuming that they can actually see it that way, if it was sooo very obvious why on earth didn’t they try and stop her from doing it before things got this far?

And she had plenty of praise for Sudan, despite her ordeal.”I am very sorry to leave Sudan,” she said.

“I had a fabulous time there. It’s a really lovely place and I managed to see some of the beautiful countryside while I was there.

“The Sudanese people I found to be extremely kind and extremely generous and until this happened I only had a good experience.

“I wouldn’t like it to put anybody off going to Sudan.

Well, that’s crazy. She was arrested and had a machete wielding mob baying for her blood over naming a toy – how in good conscience could anyone allow other person to walk into that insanity?

“In fact, I know of a lovely school that needs a new … teacher.”

I hope that was a bad joke.


One Response to “Gee mum, I wanna go home”

  1. She could certainly be a little less effusive, but I suppose one explanation is that she doesn’t want a fatwa for Christmas. Some of the machete-wielding nutbags might have passports.

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