iPod magic (on-the-go playlist in shuffle mode)

December 17, 2007

Some months ago I was lamenting the lack of functionality in my Generation 5.5 iPod that prevented me from adding songs to my “on-the-go” play list while my iPod was playing in shuffle mode.

I have just thought of a simple way around this:

iTunes (and the iPod) have a rating system that allows you to give songs a star rating from zero to five (via either iTunes or the iPod click wheel interface). Assuming that you don’t already use this feature, set up a smart playlist to catch songs with a particular star rating (say 5 star songs).

playlist dialog

Then, when in shuffle mode, rather than futilely trying to add a song to the built in “on-the-go” playlist, instead give the song a 5 star rating via the click wheel controls (click the center button three times, or twice if there is no album art, and use the wheel to adjust the number of stars).

Any song so rated will now appear in the playlist you set up earlier.

You now have the ability to support up to 5 separate playlists, each of which can be edited dynamically to via the iPod controls (and while the iPod is in normal or shuffle mode).

Share and enjoy.


5 Responses to “iPod magic (on-the-go playlist in shuffle mode)

  1. CarrieP Says:

    Very cool, Dave. There’s a lot of “hidden” functionality in the iPod, I’ve found, that can be teased out of the machine with some good creative thinking skills.

  2. fawkesey Says:

    Great tip!
    Was puzzled over why I couldn’t add a shuffled tune to that playlist, seems dumb not to be able to.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nico Says:

    Eh, this is nice, but it still is unsafe to do this while driving. If only you could just push and hold the middle button down for 3 seconds, I’d be much happier.

  4. Unlilkikenna Says:

    vvujygtlaaiupckywell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  5. Brad Bice Says:

    Nice tip, thanks a lot. The lack of a shuffle on-the-go add was very annoying.

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