Rape victim pardoned

December 17, 2007

Sounds back to front doesn’t it?

The 19 year old Saudi rape victim sentenced to lashes and jail time for being alone in a car with a male who was not a relative when the rapists discovered her, and then had her reputation disparaged by the justice ministry to justify the court’s decision, has been pardoned by the Saudi King.

Thank goodness for small small mercies. I wonder if the poor child will ever be able to have anything approaching a normal life after all of this horror.


2 Responses to “Rape victim pardoned”

  1. Fortunately, the Saud Kingdom bowed to international pressure from human rights groups and leaders from other countries. The Saudis have a tenuous hold on power and must appease the Wahhabists who have a very strict interpretation of the Koran. It is truly a horror to think of all the unknown victims who suffer in similar ways under their Sharia law.

  2. Nice follow-up, Dave. Thanks.

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