The Four Horsemen

December 17, 2007

If you’ve got some bandwidth to burn*, the Richard Dawkins Foundation has released the video of a round table discussion with Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens recorded in September, for free online.

The 4 Horsemen

They are also offering the footage for sale on DVD, with all proceeds going to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust. I’m just downloading it now, so I’ll let you know how it goes.**

EDITED TO ADD: I’m about half way through and it’s fascinating – well worth a look.

* And even if you don’t. If you’re bandwidth challenged, the footage is also available in two MP3 audo files of considerably smaller size.
** Sorry, I’m a little slow on this one as a result of spending the weekend in rural Victoria watching bands and drinking beer. I have no regrets.

2 Responses to “The Four Horsemen”

  1. garymurning Says:

    It’s an excellent piece, isn’t it? Old Hitch — gotta love that no-nonsense nature of his. And Dawkins… pure reason. Wonderful.

  2. Ken Perrott Says:

    I’ve listened to the mp3 files. Excellent. Such lovely people and very respectful in their discussion (although I did feel that Hitchens tended to dominate a bit towards the end and suspect it was the effect of drink!)

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