Wil Wheaton audio

January 30, 2008


I think I now understand Phil Plait’s man crush. Wil Wheaton was just at the Pheonix Comicon and there is some audio of him performing an excerpt from his book Happiest Days of Our Lives, and his review of the Star Trek Next Generation episode Justice from TV Squad.

If you were ever a Trek nerd and grew out of it, do yourself a favor and have a listen. I was laughing so hard I tripped over the cat. If the audio butters your crumpet, check out his blog as well – it’s solid gold geek.

Apparently the server got hammered pretty hard, so see the original post for mirrors if you have any trouble downloading.

2 Responses to “Wil Wheaton audio”

  1. CarrieP Says:

    Two of my best friends (female) have always loved Wil, even during the Wesley Crusher days. Me, not so much, but only because I was a huge Cmdr. Data fan. The character often gets a bad rap.

    But it’s good to know Wil the guy is so cool.

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