First Impressions

February 13, 2008

225px-cameron_phillips_in_tscc.jpgLast night I caught the Australian premiere of the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot, and to be honest I’ve got mixed feelings about it.

When I saw the first episode of Serenity for instance, it had me absolutely enthralled. I mean it was just ridiculous. I just kept watching it over and over. And over.

To be fair Serenity was an entirely new concept, so there was a certain amount of surprise value. You know, like that movie your significant other has been bugging you to see, but you’ve put off because you didn’t think you’d like it, but when you finally do see it you are so pleasantly surprised that you drive everyone insane constantly trying to describe how amazed you were by how good it was. Or maybe that’s just me.

The Pilot of the new Battlestar was the same but different, drawing me in slowly as I rediscovered old characters and the humanity of their interaction. And of course the nerd porn of the new Viper and Battlestar designs didn’t hurt any either.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (the sooner we shorten it to something like TSCC the better) didn’t have quite the same effect. All of the individual parts were quite cool, but I found the overall effect and tone to be a little confusing.

Like in the films, any sort of human interaction between Sarah and John is completely overwhelmed by her “I’m a jaded killing machine” demeanor and his “I’m so disaffected by my life and the burden of my impending destiny” brooding, and it remains to be seen how such strongly defined chracters will be able to develop over the course of the season. The gun and time machine in the bank vault were pretty cool, but to be honest, the primary draw card for me just now is being able to see more of Summer Glau. But then, that’s no small thing.

In all fairness though, the first episode of Buffy certainly wasn’t indicative of the later plot and character development, and some things that started well have gone seriously downhill as they progressed (*cough * X-Files *cough*), so I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Fingers crossed though, because I really want it to be good.


One Response to “First Impressions”

  1. Shadowrouge Says:

    I am hoping that the show will be good too, but to be honest I stopped watching it at about the 4th episode, just was boring to me.

    Hope for you it is otherwise.

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