More is less

February 19, 2008

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more stupiderer, a recent US university massacre has apparently triggered a push for more guns on the campus:

IN WHAT seems a distinctly American response to a distinctly American problem, last week’s Illinois university shooting appears only to have spurred a push to allow students to carry guns.

An internet-based lobby, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, wants lawmakers to overrule university boards that ban guns on campus, so that staff and students could arm themselves against mass killers.

I am literally speechless. (Lucky I can still type.) Where do you start with insane troll logic like this?

A South Dakota state politician, Tom Brunner, has vowed to re-introduce a failed bill that would allow guns to be carried onto university grounds.
Mr Brunner argues that if people were mature and responsible enough to vote, they should not be left “disarmed and defenceless” on college campuses.

Seriously? Has he seen some of the cretins that are eligible to vote? I would feel safer if some of them weren’t allowed to reproduce let alone have control of a semi automatic ranged weapon.

A gun control advocate, Paul Hemke, said last week’s tragedy was the sixth such shooting in the US in the past fortnight, and permitting guns into a volatile environment was not a solution.”Adding more guns into the dorm rooms, into the bars with a group of students who drink a lot, have tensions, fights with their girlfriends, that’s just going to cause more violence,” Mr Hemke, of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence told Fox television.

Well, sure – if you want to bring logic into the situation. One would presume that the lunatics who carry out these massacres have to circumvent some form of security (which may or may not be adequate) and that any such security becomes inherently harder to enforce if people are actually allowed to carry around hidden firearms. A Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) spokesman counters this argument:

Mr Lewis disputes that more guns on campus would mean more risk. Mr Lewis is not dissuaded by a 2002 episode in which a Gulf War veteran, who was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, killed three people, including two professors at the University of Arizona because he was failing a nursing course.

“A 1997 FBI study found that most real-world shoot-outs last less than 10 seconds and take place at close range,” he said.

“You don’t have to be a crack shot. I fail to see how five to 10 seconds of exchanged fire at close range will result in anything worse.”

He fails to see how 10 seconds of exchanged fire with ten guns could result in a worse outcome than with one gun? Is he stupid? Well, gee let me think, it could be anything up to ten times worse.

Innocent bystanders have been hurt and killed accidentally in many cases of police intervention, and they are specifically trained to handle these kind of situations. Giving people guns might give them the ability to defend themselves, but it does not automatically endow the bearer with the judgment to do so safely or effectively.


21 Responses to “More is less”

  1. Friend, school massacres are committed with illegal guns too. Outlawing guns doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. It just doesn’t work. It might sound good. But it doesn’t work. So we shouldn’t do it. Because it doesn’t work.

    Just go to google. Type in “columbine illegal guns”. It’s simple. This is a fact, not based on perspective.

  2. April Says:

    I don’t care how much your previous commenter says it doesn’t work. I still can appreciate that making it harder is a good thing. There are many, many people (including myself) that I simply don’t trust with a gun, and would rather see them have a harder time getting their hands on one.

  3. Hello to all you atheists.

    Untill atheists come to power, you will have to do it with the current presidential candidates, who believe in god.

    That’s why the best thing you can do is checking this site, this site doesn’t look at religiosity, and gives you a clear insight in the positions presidential candidates take on various issues.

  4. Blue Linchpin Says:

    I’m speechless as well. I’m starting to have second thoughts about going to college at all, this sort of thing is going to discourage people from going to college because of fear…disagreements in school are very often violent, but usually only involve fists. Giving them guns? That’s just inviting disaster.

  5. eric Says:

    I have my “Carry Concealed Weapons” permit and therefore I have the ability to protect myself and my family if the situation every arrived. However, when I went to school I had to leave my weapon behind. The right to protect myself was taken away from me and that is what is completely ridiculous. I felt like a sitting duck. I had no way to protect myself if and when some lunatic decided to take out a group of people.
    That right should not be taken away from people who have gone through the training to obtain their CCW on campus. In fact, if more people did carry on campus the amount of people being massacred would decrease. The more people that can protect them self the better.
    There will always be those who abuse the power and set out to do bad things but stripping people of their right to protect them self only makes it worse.

  6. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Those university officials think their very intellegent when in realty a parrot is more intellegent then these blbbering morons who respond to a massacare with MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS proving what a bunch of ignoramuses they are

  7. Spencer Says:

    Dear Author,
    Well reasearched, and you back your opinion by multiple valid points.

    Dear Stephen,
    I don’t think he is argueing banning guns. Just allowing them on campus. And you said ‘it deosn’t work’ 5 times. Litterally. Back your point of view, otehrwise it is worthless.

    Dear Eric,
    You, Sir, are one of the people that make me worry about the state of the world. You actually felt like a sitting duck with out a gun. Wow. Just wow. If you truely felt that way, I mean, you weren’t just useing it as a phrase, go get mental help. For real. You also didn’t capitalize your name.

    Dear Bluebird,
    I can’t tell if you agree with the author or not. Would you rather people lift gun control laws after a massacre? What logic do you follow? It sounds like the non-logical kind.

  8. Mad Bluebird Says:

    These liberal should try throwing gasoline on a fire and see what happens

  9. Steve Says:

    compare and contrast the outcomes of the highly publicized Va. Tech. Shooting and the highly unpublicized school shooting at the Appalachian School of Law (grundy, VA 2002).

  10. Mad Bluebird Says:

    The recent murder of four oakland policemen by a convicted crinimal rleased on parole has the stupid liberals calling for even more stupid gun control laws as they always to providing liberals dont have any brains

  11. Túlio Says:

    Making guns permit harder will only affect the good citizens. Thugs who kills people, has gun permit as the last thing to worry in their list.

    Now think about that, if a guy had a gun in columbine, he could have stoped the massacre, or of course, ended dead. But at least he would have a chance.

    I don’t buy it that a person with a guns turns into a heartless assasin. If you don’t trust yourself, good, don’t buy a gun.

  12. Cederash Says:

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  13. Ferinannnd Says:

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  15. Katherine Says:

    Why does this leave you speachless? When others know that more others are carrying guns, it might just make them less interested in trying to shoot someone. Why? Because then they have the worry that then someone might try to shoot them.

    Sure, the thought is “violence solving violence;” but in a world of gasoline and explosive fire, water does nothing.

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  17. A Patriot Says:

    You are the stupid one, laws will make no difference to criminals or psychopaths getting guns, honest people will follow gun control laws and get slaughtered as psychopaths and criminals don’t follow the law. Society would be safer if everybody had guns rather than only criminals and psychopaths having guns. psychopaths includes the government BTW, people that believe that the ‘social order’ (aka them) is more important than individual lives. Stop believing in this hippy bullshit, guns have been invented and it is too late. The solution to psychopathy is less drugging people with untested ‘medication’. well, I am alright with being the only person owning a gun in my neighbourhood lol, if other people don’t want to they don’t have to.

  18. A Patriot Says:

    Your last point: You would rather have 50 people get butchered in a room pleading for their lives over 50 people shooting at one person lol. What is more dangerous lol? one person that wants to murder as many people as possible or 50 people trying to shoot him?


    Oviusly those university facalty officials have pea sized brains to think even more gun control will stop campus shooting how about repealing GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES and them getting a look at what the 2nd AMENDMENT realy means

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