Long time no see

February 9, 2008

Heya. It’s been a while since I posted, but there really just hasn’t been much to send me into rant mode. Which I suppose is actually a good thing. If you want to get all technical about it.

If this keeps up I might have to start being optimistic or something. Madness.


Meredith good. Me sleepy.

December 17, 2007

Back from Meredith. Far too tired to do anything for a couple of days – but I thought I’d post a few photos taken on my tiny little camera phone. Apologies for the appalling quality:

Meredith 1

The Supernatural Amphitheater on the Friday evening.

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Visiting Aunty Meredith

December 13, 2007

No time to write for a few days, we’re off to the Meredith Music Festival for the weekend. Yahee!

I’ll be in Adelaide this weekend for a wedding, but I think the interweb thing down there runs on pigeons (or wombats or something), so don’t be surprised if there aren’t any updates for a few days.

Stupid Reality has just had a record month of views, with 1185 for November. Only small fry to be sure, but three months ago we were averaging less than a tenth of that, so a significant improvement.

I’d just like to thank everyone who visited and read the blog, and especially the people who have taken the time to leave comments (even the insane ones). I’d also like to thank all the people who found this blog completely by accident (and in particular the ones who appear to have been looking for the opposite kind of content) for unintentionally bumping up my stats [insert evil grin].

Negative search hits

November 28, 2007

Not too long ago I took part in the #1 on Google meme where I had to find terms that returned this blog as the first result on a Google search. After trying a few out, I noticed a tendency to get hits from negative searches (or rather searches referring to the exact opposite opinions expressed in this blog).

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I like the quiet

November 19, 2007

I’m heading off to sunny Lorne on a work Team Building Retreaty Thingy™ for a few days. I’m not sure if I’ll be within posting distance of an internet connection while I’m away, so if things go quiet for while that’s why. I should be back all fired up and all Team Oriented™ by the end of the week.