The disgusting black hearted evil hate-monger Fred Phelps strikes again, arranging a picket of Heath Ledger’s funeral. I guess it was too much to hope that he might have learned his lesson.

Sometimes it sucks to be an atheist, because I don’t even have the comfort that the miserable old bastard will eventually get what he deserves.



It just doesn’t end.

If you thought that this ten minutes of madness was frightening, Gawker is now hosting four new clips of the Jesus of Scientology.

Is it possible that is he actually as insane as he sounds?

Well, he talks like a lunatic, and he walks like a lunatic, so I guess you’ll have to draw your own conclusions.


I was eventually going to get around to posting this, but it looks like I waited too long and YouTube have yanked the original “due to a copyright claim by Church of Scientology International”. This sort of thing is nothing new for the Church of Scientology.

So I’ve had a poke around my feeds and found a few versions that have yet to be stepped on:

via Defamer

via Popsugar

via Gawker

Give yourself a little treat. Watch. Consider. And most importantly, learn*.

UPDATED TO ADD: Rebecca reports that Gawker has just been threatened with copyright infringement. Surprise surprise. Hurry and watch it while you still can!

Thanks to Skepchick, Pharyngula and The Rogues Gallery for the links.

* Well, learn the true meaning of schadenfreude anyway.

Yikes. Is Will Smith a Scientologist?

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Scientology Stan

Action against Libel or Censorship by litigation?

AUSTRALIA’S major book retailers have bowed to pressure from the Church of Scientology and will not stock the controversial biography on Tom Cruise by British writer Andrew Morton. Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography will hit American shelves on January 15 and has already generated its fair share of controversy.

The book is seen by the powerful Church of Scientology, which has Cruise as of its most high profile and loyal members, as an attack on its teachings.

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