Hey hey.

I think that Dr Phil Plait once described blogs as the “ultimate in narcissistic poetry”. In that spirit, I’m going to jump straight into first person and assume (despite all evidence to the contrary) that someone is listening.


Firstly, I’m not some kind of grumpy curmudgeon. Well, not just grumpy anyway.
I just happen to think that sometimes the world we live in doesn’t measure up to what was advertised on the label, and even though I probably can’t do anything about it, I don’t have to just accept it.

Having tried to deal with this frustration by eating, drinking, smoking and just stomping around the house making my girlfriend’s life unbearable, I’ve decided that in the interest of my stomach, liver, lungs (and not getting smacked up for stomping) I’m going to have a go at channelling my indignation (and my propensity for over written parenthetical prose) into this blog.

So we’re not operating under any false pretences here, I should say a few things about myself. I am an Atheist and a skeptic, but in general I’m not militant about it unless someone is being taken advantage of. I abhor racism, homophobia, anti science, religion in government and intolerance in general. If you don’t agree with the things that I say, then leave a comment – I’m always open to new evidence and to be honest there’s a more than even chance that I might have my facts wrong – but please explain your position. Ad hominem attacks are just nasty and pointless.

Anyhoo, welcome to my imaginary audience, and thanks for listening.