Pope says family is key to world peace

January 3, 2008


Just in case the exorcism squads weren’t embarrassing and anachronistic enough, the Pope has decided to lead in the new year by reinforcing the Catholic churches opposition to the non-traditional family on the basis of, wait for it, world peace. I kid you not.

Pope Benedict XVI ushered in the New Year by criticising policies that undermine the traditional family, saying they eroded one of the most important foundations for peace in the world.

The Catholic Church celebrates January 1 as World Day of Peace, and the pope used a midmorning Mass and a window appearance before thousands of faithful in St Peter’s Square to mark the occasion.

Traditional? Uh oh.

The Pontiff, delivering the traditional New Year prayer for peace, appeared to take a swipe at efforts in several countries to grant legal recognition to gay and unwed couples – although he did not single out any policies by name.

He said the traditional family led by a husband and wife instilled values that promote peace, and added it was an “irreplaceable” institution.

“Those who are hostile, even unknowingly, to the institution of the family … make peace fragile for the entire national and international community,” the Pope told crowds gathered in a sunny St Peter’s Square.

Ah, so married mummy daddy families are good, and other families* somehow weaken world peace? And people say that the link between pirates and global warming in Pastafarianism is silly. Pft.

* Including but not limited to: mummy only families, daddy only families, unmarried mummy daddy families and families led by various breeds of small Liberian chicken.

4 Responses to “Pope says family is key to world peace”

  1. CarrieP Says:

    Yeah. I heard about this one while visiting my family for New Year’s and audibly flipped my lid. I generally try to be a bit more reasoned when speaking about hot-button topics (mother is Catholic, I was raised Catholic) but I was unwilling to stifle a “What the hell?!” family harmony be, er, damned.

  2. Kieran Says:

    Even within the Pope’s definition of family, take a look buddy at this thing called domestic violence.

    Perhaps if the nuclear family could be guaranteed to provide a healthy, stable, loving home then yes; children raised in that environment would (hopefully) be reasonable people – and world peace might be achieved.

    Then again let’s take a look at one of the most bigoted countries in the world; and their constant push for the traditional family structure. You would think that they could contribute to world peace – but darn it they just want to push an imperialist foreign policy.

    So once again Catholicism shows it’s ignorance. Perhaps the key to world peace is being able to have a ideology where you can admit mistakes and move on (forgiveness is a necessity for this, whether it be to yourself, from others, or God). But wait you can’t do that can you Mr Benedict?

    *thumps head on desk and once again dies a little more inside because of the stupidity of Catholicism.*

  3. Christian Says:

    I support these words “Pope says family is key to world peace” thanks for this encouraging words form Pop and author.

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